Sunday, March 14, 2010


I woke up with a start and was found to be sweating profusely,with pounding chest, only to realise it was after all a mobile call.When the cell phones became so invading and when I realised, it was eating up most of my energy and privacy, I just left it on the drawer shutting it up for ever. It may sound to be not a welcome or inclusive move as I have just shut my self from the connectivity of 24 hours 7 days a week. Every time it disturbs my deep thoughts or sound sleep , then it is surely not desirable and hence, is a health hazard in the long run.

But I have found guys and girls unable to live alone without the handset for even an hour. They need the assurance that people are calling and caring for them every day , but my view point is different as I value my time engrossed in the nature or the cosmic sky ,sea or forests with birds flying over and animals moving freely,thats where I find myself lively and most relaxed. In any case doctors have been advising of the hazardous nature of the inturruptions rather interference of the mobiles while driving or crossing roads and the gravity in keeping the same in your shirt pocket which is again bad for your heart , as the battery and magnetism in the cell might effect our rythemic heart in some way or our brain while we listen to it and talk over such gadjets.

It was not long ago I came across an article in Readers digest,which mentioned the silent killer that is the mobile phones of present times. The very point that your boss may be at the other end makes you or you have to be on your toes always, even while on your bed trying to get a catnap. I would rather send a message to my boss and avoid talking, If that is possible ,while informing your leave or requesting for a weekend vacation etc.

Even when you are on leave you still can be made to work by keeping you online and making you explain step by step work to the guy who is in your seat. It is good for the employer while the employee is left wondering whether he is on leave or is he still on his duty table.

these are some of my observations in the current scenario,which so many youngsters will not like to acknowledge.It is left to those individuals to make their choices as there are number of advantages as well, as one can be traced by satellite or the signals emanating from your cell phone till it has battery charge in it. So one can see 'lost and found' stories will be solved easily if the guy or girl keeps his or her phone connected to the network.

my views above are not suggestive of one keeping away from the cellphone but to be careful so as to make your life happy and to live longer with happiness. "solitairebala"

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