Monday, March 15, 2010


I have this gut feeling that if one takes snaps from space on different parts of earth in different angles,can be seen to be matching that of Lord Shiva's photos. At least from atop India. We have to identify the head as the Himalayas and imagine that the lord is lying on his back facing the sky. You can see the head which is Himalayan glacier from which River Ganges originates. The Nilkanda [The Neck of Lord Shiva] mountains will definitely have the most poisonous or rather dangerous toxic material for sure, if one digs down in the said mountain.As It was mentioned in Hindu scripts.

Kerala is shown down on the picture as most of Hindu gods' pictures will have coconut [broken ] down the southernmost tip of each god's photos. Kerala so rightly is known as the land of coconut trees. As I mentioned in my earlier blogs the forehead of lord Shiva will be rightly the most potent volcano , as time might prove to be so later.

The photo of Lord Shiva especially is a coded text of history. The places and names even after thousands of years remains as the valid proof of the history written long ago. The incarnation of Devi 'Mookambigai' photo has all the signs of countries all around, apart from the green silky sheet with which the Muslims have covered their deity in Mecca or Madina. That only shows that the lord is one and the power is the same though we people may ignorantly name it differently and fight over which is right or wrong. That is our ignorance only, but the almighty gods and goddesses have conveyed as recently as the times of Adi Shankaracharaya, as in the case of Mookambigai Devi presenting her full power which rightly depicts all in to one supreme god.

There are also many conflicting stories doing rounds as I found the time of birth of Ram and Ramayana in written in :"tell me why"a malayala manoram publication as 425 [approx] bc. They can not comtemplate the times before that. Lord Guruvayoorappan's birth as per our VHP's version is in itself 5000 years old.

It is like a guy who lost his father before his birth arguing that his father never existed. People believes only what they see, that's why I am asking them to see the photographs in existence from time immemorial and think in the lines I wrote above and then go about believing or not believing. Give truth a chance.

With out any prejudice to any religions in existence or forgotten these are only thoughts of 'solitairebala'with out any bias to any living being, for the good of humanity as a whole.

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