Thursday, February 25, 2010


My paternal grand mother late Smti.Kunhumadhavi, the youngest daughter of an "Adhikari" as they were given the power to collect tax from certain districts in erstwhile Malabar, which falls in Kerala state in present day India, was a follower of Buddhism as well, though we were Hindus, for the simple reason that it had all the good messages for humanity for a righteous way of life,which the religion conveyed. She used to tell us about the main theme of "ahimsa' which means not hurting any living being by words or deeds. Though present day Chinese and most Asian countries follow Buddhism today , there are very few among them who follow the actual religion in deeds rather in their day to day life.

The five main principles the religion preached known as "panchseel" {in Malayalam reads as "Kakkayga,Kollayga,Kallam cholidaika,Kamathal thettaika,kudichidaika] The rough translation goes as follows "Never Steal any thing, Never kill, Never lie,Never commit sin in terms of sex or desire for materialism and lastly never drink alcohol or abuse drugs". How many present day Buddhists follows the above messages in real life. I am sure there are very few who adheres to the above principles.

If one goes deeply in to the written scripts of all present day religions the messages in different languages is almost the same ,the root causes of all evil in our present day life or our total populace.

It is most important that we realize the importance of a sin free life for it brings happiness to all.

thoughts to ponder by solitairebala.

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