Friday, February 12, 2010


The evil of the nexus between politicians and corporates have been in the news of late.It has now been proved beyond doubt that the reserved forests and land which belonged to the government in other words people have been given to the big corporates in make shift arrangements such as lease for plantations mines etc.

It is like the tentacles of octopuses which keeps growing and makes huge profits at the cost of millions of poor people who ,leave alone have their own land, but hardly is surviving or perishing without food and water, on the other side we have big corporates owning land and forests ,millions of acres to get richer day by day and a share goes right in to the kitty of the political parties ,those who are ruling or may rule in the future or has been in power in the past.

In India we have witnessed the latest dramas in connection with Reddy brothers in Karnataka who has partners in Andhra pradesh as well. The other latest being the Munnar land taken over by Kannan devan and the Tatas.

According to my calculation these are only the tip of the iceberg. As many of the big politicians have huge land holdings along with big corporate houses and has been eating up the reserves in huge volume also, stashing away funds in tax havens. The recent cover up by CPM in connection with corruption has been due to the very fact that the money , a small percentage though, has been amassed by the political parties as well, which has made those leaders to show a blind eye towards such news items, while covering those corrupt leaders,who on the other side has eaten up most or majority of such funds made through the tie up arrangements with big corporates.All together they have made the people of India live miserably while the resources are eaten up by few in power along with big corporates and multi nationals.

People have now woken up to the realities and have started to react as can be seen from many North Indian states effected by Maos and Naxals ,who are all poor tribal and farmers with nothing to fall back on for a lively hood. It is high time that our Judicial system gets strict with these parasites who live on the resources meant for millions of the poorest in our country. No corporates should be allowed to get bigger like in the cases of CITI,Lehman brothers etc. The Americans have paid dearly for their foolishness and now the Indian Business houses are following their footsteps and is becoming too big for any government to have control over their sinful actions.

Facts to ponder by "solitairebala"