Thursday, June 23, 2011


As a very sensitive person I always get moved by the sad news we see each day of the suffering of humanity especially, women and children around the globe, Why are people so cruel? We see each day so many cases of rape,murder apart from the daily witnessing of the women who are beaten up by their husbands some out of drunken state while others simply are so ruthless they think they are proving their might by beating their wife or children. It is so disgusting to watch , when we are so helpless that if we get involved, their anger towards the victims are more punishing and makes us more depressed.

I have been witness to the wife beating done in front of the place where I work and puts me off for the rest of the day thinking how one can be so in sensitive towards ones' own wife or child.The motherhood of every women suffers at the hand of their husbands just so much that their children too may grow up hating the whole world for they only witness cruel behavior of their father.

I am of the opinion that there has got to be a law to deal with domestic violence to save those poor innocent victims. Our society just can not be on lookers when there is so much violence surrounding us. Strict rules and laws must be in place to take care of such women who are otherwise helpless and in most cases suffers silently or ends their life out of pure sheer helplessness.

Come on men folk, just understand the meaning of the word 'gentleman'.Those who are cruel to helpless and less powerful are actually cowards inside. Not only they are cowards but also are not gentlemen at all.

I heard of a story of one such wife who suffered so long and for so many years, that at last she decides one night that it will be better to kill the guy when he is asleep after one such drunken night rather than suffering every day and night the same cruelty and eventually, does it one night and made it look like a suicide by hanging and escapes from the horror filled life. She must have been living in hell to have committed such a crime if at all there was such a real life story for an Indian women considers her husband equal to god [Pathi devatha hai]not to forget that our women, earlier used to end up their lives by jumping in to the funeral fire to engulf and kill them too, when their husband dies which was rightly stopped by the British.

Let us hope our government comes out with some strict rules which must act as a deterring factor to save our women and children from those psycho killers, who silently kills their own kith and kin.

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