Sunday, June 5, 2011

Suppression of mass movements always backfires.

It is a pity to see how, the central government handled the latest fast unto death threat, against black money stashed abroad by a self proclaimed Yoga Guru.[In fact no one had ever heard of him before]

The Govt's first mistake was giving him a red carpet welcome subsequently, negotiating with him,perhaps with an aim of sidelining the actual movement started by Anna Hazare.The think tanks obviously wanted the course of the movement altered and forgotten ,unfortunately it has worsened the situation and the people will certainly not forgive those responsible among big politicians, who perhaps are most vulnerable and may lose out huge amounts stashed abroad hence, the nervousness and reckless actions. It all looks like a last ditch attempt to hold on to their ill gotten wealth.

But it is too late now, for the people of the country, in the course of events evolving in the last month noticed and found the actual culprits among the ruling class and is now fully aware of their identity. The ugly drama and the extent to which they have gone on to derail the movement is so obvious, that even a blind person can tell who are the ones guilty due to their stand on the issues,dead against the process because they themselves are among the culprits.

It will be a deadly game now onwards for the people in millions will be coming out in the open and a civil war like situation can not be ruled out.

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