Thursday, June 23, 2011


No matter how good you are. Once you enter politics mostly your names will be associated with those greedy and ruthless crooks, who are entering the scene with the sole motive of making money and also making themselves famous. Many who inherits the mantle also have to go along the prescribed lines or perish. There are no permanent enemy in politics while all are friends when it comes to looting in the names of their party while keeping a bit for them selves which itself may be worth millions of the funds meant for the poorest of our country.

The latest eye washing scenario seen in connection with the lokpal bill ended up in expected lines with those crooks after promising so much, ended up with a clean job of ending the process at least for the time being. Nothing concrete has emerged out of it while the status-quo is maintained. They choose the ones to head lokpal and they does it for the sake of creating a smokescreen and talks big to those chooser questions to the media. The nexus remains intact between the corporate, bureaucratic and politicians together harvesting and makes it bigger and bigger.Our nations 90% wealth is in the hands of less than 10% of the population [Rough estimate]
while there are another few percentage eating out commissions and part of the cake as middlemen who are conduits between these three above mentioned creed.

No body else where has got a bill drafted by fasting, just as no other country can boast of having gained independence by fasting as well.

So the country must gear up for a long haul to make these crooks pay dearly,they should not be allowed to enjoy their ill gotten wealth by no means. If Anna Hazare does not succeed then the Maos definitely will for the simple truth that the breaking point is very near as one can sense from the desperate mood of people from every nook and corner of our country.

There are mass suicides happening in one side, while on the other side so many are ill effected due to heart breaks and stress related heart ailments all over as can be seen from the mushrooming of hospitals and the business like atmosphere which exits there too, for it is time for them also to make a quick buck.

The common man has no where else to go but to fight the system or perish the equation is at last approaching our great land, once blessed by spirituality unlike the materialistic pursuits seen off late.

It is time for drastic steps and more time lost will be losing more lives. We can not afford to wait for the Govt. to deliver as it is not going to happen unless they are hard pressed and no place to hide.

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