Monday, June 27, 2011


AS the main party admits it is their compulsion of coalition politics which is plaguing the country in all fronts. They are scared of taking tough and decisive actions towards their partners of UPA [2],the worst period witnessed as far as the corruption issues,rotting food grains while hungry people are dying and mass scale suicides. Then the government announces it is their compulsion of coalition politics , which refrains them from taking actions though they are aware of all the above happenings.

What kind of argument is that? It might as well be a kind gesture to the people of India if they resign and announce elections rather than continuing in office for the benefit of their coalition partners. What amount would it have taken to make proper facilities for the rotting food grains to be stocked by FCIs, it would not have been more than what the government/people already lost due to insensitivity and inaction due to their so called compulsions and the colossal loss to the exchequer due to 2g scam alone. Not leaving behind the CWG episode, with their own Mr.Kalmadi took away millions. More over the games played by each component of their coalition in WB appeasing the Maos, The Maharashtra strong man with one foot in ICC, while the other on food and agriculture, his state recording the most number of farmer suicides. Who cares, for we have to please our coalition partners for it is our compulsion to stay in power.

Recent elections suggests that In West Bengal the Maos won, in Kerala the religious fanatics won, Assam was won by the votes of migrant Bangladeshi duel citizens,in Tamilnadu people disapproved and took all the money and still voted against those who paid money to them. What is there for celebration ,the Congress have lost face and are running now like any other so called power mongers would do. Jayalalitha was spot on when she mentioned about Mr.Chidambaram, in their own words the tirades of a guy who never got elected. Every guy in TN knows he lost his election and somehow using the govt.machinery, money at his disposal made some adjustments which may or may not come out in the open , for we are not very sure about our own judiciary any more after KGB fiasco. The corporate politics nexus is out in the open as never before. Earlier there used to be some discretion while doing underhand business , now it is out there in the open and still the govt. think no one knows are has seen.

Projecting a PM who was honest, but has interests to be protected is his compulsion. In all the above situation where do our countrymen get justice? UPA [1] was far better and their performance guided by CPM & CPI only got them a mandate for the second time, which they conveniently forgot. The reason of going nuclear and dancing to the tunes of Mr.Bush led business interests of US was the wrong thing to do as time will prove.

May the lord show mercy on the poor Indians.

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