Sunday, June 23, 2013

Thrislery & Thirunelli Temples in Wayanad [Kerala,India] the oldest ones made none other than Parasurama.

Kerala is aptly called the God's own country because the land was supposed to have  emerged from beneath the Sea by the effort of none other than the first incarnation of Lord Vishnu called Parasurama,who took it upon himself to punish those Kshatriya kings, who had gone power crazy due to their greed and started to unleash terror among the populace then.He was told to have created the temples mentioned above during Satya Yuga, called so, due to the righteous way of living during those periods.Till now Keralites celebrate Onam in memory of those periods when people were all nice and had no fraudsters or crooks. Mahabali or Maveli was mentioned as the king those days.But how old the said period is surprisingly at least hundreds of thousands years ago.Unbelievable to many perhaps, yet the truth because, folklore says so since generations. unique but true 'Onam' is only celebrated in Kerala alone, unlike other Hindu festivals celebrated all throughout India.

Gradually the world sank into chaos and violence which creep-ed into the minds of people after Satya yuga, which lasted for hundreds of thousands of years. Now after the second incarnation of Shri Ram followed by Dwapara yuga during which Shri Krishna, all tried their very best to inculcate Truth,Dharma and Satkarma [good deeds] and showed the people by leading examples, living righteously, but very few takers were there by the end of Dwapara Yuga when Kaliyuga,present one, started about 5000 years back.

The destruction of places all around the world due to natural calamities of mind boggling proportions are all happening due to the naive nature of todays populace, when greed and materialism has become the order of the day.But still people does not believe it is because of god's wrath.they are convinced it will happen anyway.God never forgives the wrongdoers is the ultimate truth.The sooner people realise the better for humanity.

Coming back to those temples the oldest in terms of age, forgotten and was destroyed many times, the latest being the time of Tipu Sultan,while fighting with the British. Pazhassi Raja who too was a freedom fighter took shelter in Thirunelli and with the help of tribals formed an army to fight the British.Also nearby you can find the place where Lava & Kusha along with Sita devi must have lived or that must have been the place where Shriram met his children because, I found it mentioned somewhere near to present day Sultan Battery.It must have survived all these years only due to the dense forests surrounding those places.         

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