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Oregon's Most Endangered Places

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Dear Balakrishnan,

Over the last couple weeks, we 
unveiled nine endangered places from our 10 MostEndangered Places of 2013 report. Each of those special places face significant threats and are truly worthy of the resources that we're dedicating to defend them.
Topping this year's list of our Most Endangered Places are the 2.3 million acres of western Oregon forests that face rampant clearcutting and the rollback of our core environmental laws, like the Endangered Species Act and the Clean Water Act. 
Oregon Wild has stood up for endangered places in the past. And we've won!Through our nearly 40-year history, we've celebrated many conservation victories including permanently protecting the towering old-growth of Opal Creek, the spectacular Wilderness of Mount Hood, and the pristine waters of Waldo Lake.
Each of our historic victories are as unique as the places they've preserved. But they share a common thread: Oregonians like you stood up and supported our work to ensure that these places can be cherished by future generations.
Western Oregon's public lands are home to some of our last remaining old-growth forests. Please help us protect these special places.
These endangered forests in western Oregon have been the target of several misguided proposals over the years that threaten the clean drinking water, critical wildlife habitat, and world-class recreation that these places provide. The most dangerous proposal to date calls for throwing our bedrock environmental laws - including the Endangered Species Act and the Clean Water Act - out the window.
These forests belong to us all and should be preserved for the priceless values they provide. Oregonians statewide are supporting Oregon Wild's efforts at whatever level works for them. The most important thing is that you make your voice heard.
Thanks for all you do to help us keep Oregon wild!

For the Wild,
Jonathan L. Jelen
Development Director
Oregon Wild

P.S. - The very best way to help us protect these endangered places year-round is by joining Oregon Wild's Evergreen Society with an convenient monthly gift. A gift of just $10 (one dollar for each of the ten special places on this year's report) each month makes strengthens our voice for protecting them.

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