Sunday, June 23, 2013

Muslim friends bailed us out of trouble for generations.

My father an engineer in Madras PWD, which later became after division, Kerala PWD was fighting for his period of work under Madras PWD, about 5 years, to be reckoned for his promotion, but due to the heavyweights fighting on the other side were so corrupt and was in majority.Because of their money power they got Kerala government to bend rules to suit their cases in the early 70s.My father went on indefinite leave and was living without salary for quite a few months.During that period his best friend a muslim Named Kasim was the one who bailed us out by sending money each month for our expences, we are all indebted to him for his kindness.

Likewise, once during a swimming session me and my brothers were having a good time in a pond near our house one afternoon, when suddenly my eldest brother got tired and could not swim anymore and was drowning in the middle of the pond and we were helplessly looking on from the sides when we saw his best friend named Hussain [also a muslim] asked him to hold on to his neck and brought him to the side of the pond in the process almost got drowned himself, but still did not leave my brother in the middle of the pond.

During my college days in the final year, I was in trouble with all 10 papers in arrears plus the 5 of the final year and had two chances one in sept and other one in april-may 1981. though my father had given me money each year for the books, I had spent all that money for our evenings, bunking classes and seeing movies regularly along with other vices such as drinks etc.etc.It was again another muslim friend of mine named Hakim who gave me money to buy guidebooks because I could not have asked my father again inviting trouble myself.But it was worth its weight in gold as I got through and graduated ultimately getting a bank job which was the most sought after job those days.

All the above stated facts will prove no matter what religion you belong to ultimately, what counts is whether you are good or bad. We find both in all religions no matter where we are and what we are. 

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