Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Sympathies are with Maoists,The worst Criminals are the ones ruling India. 'Satya me va jayathe'[Truth will ultimately Triumph]

We hear almost daily that Maoists are killed by our own police, who are supposed to safe guard our citizens.But the fact remains there are worse criminals in our country and they are the ones ruling us.

Maoist are fighting for survival,they have been thrown out of their land by big Mafia in connivance with those ruling classes.They are hungry masses fighting for their daily bread and drinking water,while the so called 'honest'rulers are sucking blood and sweat out of these helpless tribal/impoverished population almost half of our populace perhaps' are or have become poorer due to the policies of the present rulers who are snobs who thinks British shit is perfume, while every thing Indian is inferior.The true fact again is that these guys are taught just that by our erstwhile colonialists [You can see each of them cloning their past masters voices,mannerisms etc.], in their so called higher rated educational institutions.I think all those snobs are trying exactly to recreate a situation where in' they get richer along with their shoe lickers , those who are willing to go to any extent to grab land , wealth and power. I have also read some blunt writers' in England such as Bernard Shaw who openly mocked these classes of the so called 'great Britain'.

Our centers policy to eradicate [poverty is the claim] our own majority of population is by banning them and killing them on sight.While the worst thieves our country has seen so far are not those invaders who ruled India for centuries, but those who ruled India after independence.They looted all that is public property,be it be land, mountains along with trees and natural resources,the idea was to have power brokers who are normally corporate honchos,individuals with criminal backgrounds who pay money for votes and our people not realizing the larger plan and conspiracy kept on voting for those who bought popularity through various means, due to their proximity in the highest corridors of power.They spend during election while after election they get back favors which makes them richer beyond such limits, that they become monsters the most cruel cannibals.I hope these few words convey the truth to those seeking to know the truth.Authenticity of these above facts are the result of my travels, crossing our country length wise and breadth wise for decades.I have lived with the most unfortunate people of our country and have seen the truth myself. Our great Sage Sankara Acharya went to Himalayas 3 times in his brief 32 years of life , while I was fortunate to travel dozens of occasions almost the same roots but did it "My Way"[Like our Singer actor Frank Sinatra] 

The roots of corruption in lower levels such as the police is due to the meager salary given to them.I would have advocated for the highest salary for our police personnel to check their temptation for wants and needs.They all deserve a better living for the hazardous job they are doing.I felt our armed forces has been compensated some what recently only, because these rulers are actually cowards of the highest nature and they are scared of our forces.[Army,Navy & Air force].Our populace must not forgive these cannibals,because in Africa they ate men due to their hunger while here they 'eradicate'men/women/children to loot wealth,so these guys deserve more punishment from the lord, than those cannibals who ate men due to hunger.       

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