Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mechakat family's history from the time of Aanoli Brothers.

Aanoli was one of the most famous 'Tharavadu' in Kozhikode /Calicut district of Kerala.Aanoli was located near the present day Kallayi Railway station near to Calicut Railways station. The whole Railway track was built on the land of Aanoli Tharavadu. Aanoli brothers, two of the highest graded ever, Kalari fighters of late Eighteenth century and early Nineteenth century remained unbeaten throughout their life time and had only one sister who was married off to Mechakat ,in fact she was married to my great grandfather and 'Mechakat Tharavadu, was located near present day Karaparamba and Karuvussery on the way to Kakkodi in present day Calicut.

Though Aanoli brothers never went back to their Tharavadu, after the wedding of their only sister.They lived with their only sister and husband in Mechakat tharavadu.They fought all those guys and warriors including the great maestro Aromal Chevakar ,and had beaten the maestro himself. Their liking for beauty was famous and enjoyed their whole life, without ever getting married and had a special liking for Namboothiri girls.The huge land holdings they had was almost fully coconut plantations.Their wealth was so huge that they never had to toil at all for anything due to their wealth. Their fortune was mostly spent on court proceedings all their life.They lived according to their whims and fancies and never had time for harvest or collection of money due. Kallayi then was known as the largest timber/wood yard in the whole world.The Timber business then was the most lucrative,but the brothers was never bothered to make more wealth because they already owned so much more than they could ever spend.

These are historical records which may be verified,and there are still people alive who had known all these stories and the all conquering Aanoli brothers and later became part of Mechakat Tharavadu where, I was born in 1961. Mechakat too had so much land but apart from a few, all my forefathers never was greedy,  and gave it all away for those who wanted to make a living toiling hard in the soil and cultivation.

But the karmic deeds of Aanoli brothers remained in our family as a curse for generations, and most men of Mechakat died early in their thirties and forties due to the so called 'curse of the lord' perhaps. My father was the one who first broke the jinx and lived up to 64, and my grand mother and father did so much of good KARMA /deeds to help out all human beings without considering their social status caste creed etc.The result was again there to see as our generation came out of the curse and began to make a name for our-self without the tag and popularity of our family names.      

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