Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Prime Minister of India acting as a puppet for the Western Mafia.

The destiny of 1.2 billion souls were entrusted with Sardar Sri.Manmohan Singh , who was told to be the most honest guy on earth.But the last few years has been the worst in the history of India.Millions&  Billions of Dollars looted from the Exchequer of India at the cost of the poorest.The onus of lifting the economy is always from the downtrodden,never was the rich corporate sharks asked to pay a penny more rather they are the least taxed in the whole world.Our IT system/Structure in itself is made to suit the rich alone.

The Petrol , Diesel & Gas prices are always going upwards only.It was only almost half the prise when the crude prises internationally hit the maximum in history a few years ago,It had nose dived internationally but the explanation given always by our Government is the crude price is going high hence , the rise.What happened when it went lower , why did the government then reduce it in India?

The Prime minister admits he is taking a risk by the recent reforms, while Mr.Ahluvalia ,the most senseless guy ever seen in the highest echelons of power says he is' happy ' that the diesel prises has been raised at last again to his liking but would like to see it rise again.The so called opening the doors for the thieves such as Walmarts to walk in and procure our food to be exported perhaps, and the stores in India will be filled with cattle fodder with the rates ,I suppose, to fleece our poor.

Their target is our Agri sector for their needs as it is the cheapest here in India , while it can be sold for mind boggling price in the west due to the difference in exchange rates of Dollars Vs Rupee.Almost all allies has been bought as can be seen from the muted reaction from different states,some were already part and parcel of these Mafia as they were vociferously advocating for FDI in retail for years.Others has been bought in the last 10 months ,as can be seen in the next few days as the government is supposed to survive as there is enough MPs already in the Mafia hands.The protests are only for fooling the populace.

But Let our Prime Minister and the Congress Party president think over it while they are about to sleep.
let their conscious make them realise that they have in fact changed the destiny of the 1.2 billion population of India for worse or better ,the time will prove.But if by their action our nation is sold out yet again , we will again rise to the occasion to fight the crooked elements out of power.They will have to pay heaviest prize for their folly or deliberate action as can be proved in a few months time.        

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