Saturday, August 11, 2012

Westerners unable to identify between Terrorists & Sikhs.

Most of the hate crime against Sardarji's around the world has been the result of mistaken identity as they are  being identified as Muslim Terrorists by the ignorance of the western world.Punjabi Sikhs' are in fact the elite army founded by their Gurus as per the requests and pleading of Hindu Sadhu's for safe guarding the Hindus from the Muslim invaders ,[among them there were some good rulers while others were trying to wipe off the Hindu population.]That was the time when  Guru Nanak and others who followed him[hope my memory does not fail me.] asked the Punjabi warriors to fight those who were indulging  in destroying Hindu culture, and as a result they started to grow their hair , moustache and beard and declared they will not shave until they see the last of those terrorists are thrown out of the Country [India].

This historical fact is unknown to the Americans, Europeans and other countries such as Australia and Canada.because the Sikhs has been the target after the 9/11 carnage in US ,which was done by Al Qa'ida and other Muslim terror groups and the Sikhs had nothing to do with those terrorists for sure.The beard and dressing is alike hence the confusion.But the Turban worn by a Punjabi Sikh is different form the head scarf worn by Muslims.Also the Kirban of Punjabi warriors is a unique weapon,just like the Kukhri of Nepali or Goorka warriors.They all are very brave patriots who will give their life away for the sake of their country.

This is only ignorance of the highest kind, and the sufferers are the innocent Sikhs who are actually good and nice people ,who are not only good warriors but has played a very important role in Indian independent struggle and later,each war after India attained independence in 1947.They were the worst effected ones after our independence,as Punjab too was divided in 1947 just as Bengal and some other states too was divided.The mass migration following the 1947 communal carnage affected mostly the Punjabis and other bordering states of Pakistan.

These are historical facts which can be verified.Our Government should embark on a propaganda process to make these facts known to the western world,otherwise the most innocent civilians are being targeted for no faults of theirs.     

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